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Hand Rolls

Fried Chicken Roll (fried chicken, lettuce, mayo) $3.30
Fried Prawn Roll (prawn, lettuece, avocado, mayo) $3.30
Barramundi Roll (Barramundi, vegetable sauce, lettuce, mayo) $3.50
Tandoori Chicken Roll (Chicken Breast, Tandoori sauce, lettuce, cucumber) $3.20
Parramatta Roll (Eel, omelet, cucumber) $3.80

Chicken Cutlet Roll (chicken cutlet, vegetable sauce, lettuce, mayo) $3.30

Prawn Avocado Roll (prawn, avocado, mayo) $3.20
Salmon Avocado Roll (salmon, avocado) $3.50
Sushi Para Roll (prawn, chicken mince, omelet, lettuce, mayo) $3.00
Teriyaki Chicken Avocado Roll (teriyaki chicken, Avocado, mayo) $3.50
Tuna Avocado Roll (tuna, avocado) $3.50
Cooked Tuna Cucumber Roll (Cooked Tuna, Cucumber, lettuce, mayo) $3.20
Fresh Vegetable Roll (lettuce, tomato, avocado, carrot, cucumber, sesame sauce) $3.00

Ebiten Roll (Tempura Prawn, lettuce, mayo) $3.50

Spicy Chicken Roll (chicken, lettuce, chill sauce) $3.30

B.L.T Roll (bacon, lettuce, tomato, mayo) $3.20

Lobster Salad Roll (cooked lobster, fish roe, mayo, lettuce, carrot) $3.50

Vegetable Tempura Roll (vegetable tempura, vegetable sauce) $3.00


Inside-out Rolls

Spider Roll (Soft Shell Crab, lettuce, cucumber, mayo, noritama) $4.00
Cook and Raw Roll (Fresh Tuna, Cooked Tuna, cucumber, lettuce) $3.50
California Roll (crab stick, cucumber, avocado, lettuce, fish roe, mayo) $3.20
Bubbly Roll (tuna, mayo, avocado, fish roe, fried tempura crumb) $3.20
Cream Salmon Roll (salmon, cream cheese, cucumber, fish roe) $3.50
Double Pleasure Roll (prawn, carrot, cucumber, cocktail sauce, salmon) $3.50

Generation Roll (teriyaki chicken, avocado. lettuce, omelet, mayo) $3.50

Prawn Delight Roll (fried prawn, cream cheese, lettuce, dried seaweed , sweet chilli) $3.50
Spicy Tuna Roll (tuna, mayo, chilli bean sauce, lettuce, fried tempura crumb) $3.50

Dragon Roll (eel, cucumber, capsicum, mayo, avocado) $4.00


Inari sushi@All $1.70


Shrimp with cocktail sauce@

Cooked tuna cucumber@@@

Plain inari $1.30


Set & Salad Menu

Variety Set@PR
Salmon Set@PP
Rainbow Set@PQ
Aburi Salmon Nigiri Teruyaki Sauce@9.50
Salmon & Tuna Nigiri@$9.00
Salmon Special@$6.50
Kids Set@5
Vegetable Pack@6

Kaisen Don@$PQ

Salmon Don@$PQ

Small Salmon Don@W

All Star Set@PQ



Roll&Nigiri Mixed 3`4pax $48 4`5pax $58
Rolls only Only 3`4pax size $39